Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thank You All for the Quilt Love!!

First and foremost, a big huge THANK YOU for all your lovely, kind sweet comments you left after my last post about my Water Dance quilt!  They made me feel so happy that you liked my quilt!!  I like it, too!  :-)


I had another space for a wall quilt down in the bedroom in our basement, so I had been thinking of doing another floral art quilt when I saw the quilt on the front of the latest issue of Quilty!


I loved the simplicity of it and the scrappy look!  But I decided to do it “my way”, of course.  I went through my scrap drawers which are full of piles of  5” charm squares leftover from the four years of making a Schnibble a Month, and pulled out all the soft pinky/peachy/beigy ones for the background, assorted green squares and a handful of bright pink, orange and purple ones for the leaves, and enough brown ones for the bottom row on the quilt.  I also pulled some brown scraps for the long thin sashing strips, which would become the stems.


The blocks of the Quilty quilt were PIECED with the leaf part off center.  I chose to go the applique’ route by making a cardboard template of a leaf shape that would fit nicely on a 4 1/2” finished background square.  I chose an 8 block row across and an 8 block column down of the light background squares with a 1” vertical brown stem sashing between every other column and then a bottom brown row for the soil.


I traced the template on the paper side of some fusible, cut them out, and pressed them onto the green and assorted bright charm squares.  Then I cut them out, peeled the paper backing off and fused them in the corners of the background squares so that they just barely touch the brown sashing stems, pointing up!  Super simple and fun to assemble!! 


Pinned the sandwich and time to quilt!!  YAY!


I stitched close to the the edge of every leaf and returned back up the middle to create the center vein.


Then I free-motion-quilted a woody looking design down the sashing stems and a meander in the soil row.  Then I did some echo stitching around the leaves and stem.


A quick project that was fun to make and quilt!!  Plus it was FREE as I used up lots of orphan charm squares from my scrap drawer!!  Woo Hoo!


And now it’s hanging in place in our basement guest bedroom!! 


I think it looks great in there!!  I named it “Sprouts”!


I like it with the quilt on the bed in there!!


The quilt on the bed is 2 years old… I made it for our guest room in the old house.  The quilt on the wall is even older!!


Now, I can finally get started on the scrappy Halloween postage stamp quilt I’ve been itchin’ to make!!  :-)

yogi's nappin 

So, what are you up to this week?


Monday, August 4, 2014

Water Dance

I had a big blank wall in our master bedroom that needed something on it.  It’s the first wall you see when coming up the stairs and looking into our room.
bedroom wall quilt space
I made the king sized quilt and shams on our bed with cool aquas and blues, purples and lime greens.  I have a quilt of those same colors on the bench at the bottom of our bed and on the quilt rack in there, too.
I saw an art quilt on Pinterest that had weeping willow branches over water.  It was so pretty and Monet-like.  It inspired me to do my own take on such a scenario… and the colors were just what I had in mind.  So, I went through my stash and pulled only those colors.
I pieced the background using 5 1/2” squares laid out in an offset ten rows by 10 columns design, giving me a 50” square quilt size.
Next, I pulled a brown for the branches and lots of different greens for the long thin willow leaves.  I pressed fusible onto the back of them and just freehand cut some long wavy branches from the brown and lots of long thin leaves from all the greens.
With the fusible on the back, the branches and leaves would not stick to the vertical background on the design wall, so I laid it out on the guest room bed.
And fell in love.
I just loved the whole look of it.
After I had it all laid out, I used a dry iron to tack the pieces onto the background while it was laying on the bed, so that I could lift it and carry it to my Big Board ironing board in my sewing room to fuse the pieces down permanently.
Next, I cut out the backing and batting about 2” larger all around and pinned the quilt sandwich all over… on my awesome kitchen island!
I stitched around the edges of all the fused applique pieces,
then the design thread lines, then fill in the background with wavy watery stippling.
Bound and labeled-
my new “Water Dance” quilt is on our bedroom wall.
Making me happy every time I come upstairs and see it!  :-)
What are you up to this week?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Needlework… ME??

At the last few guild meetings, we were taught how to do some of the more popular hand work.  At one meeting we explored making hexies, and at the last meeting, we did some redwork.  Now, I am one of those sewists whose motto is “gimme my sewing machine over hand sewing ANY DAY”!!


I used to HATE even doing the hand sewing on the binding and label on my quilts….


But I have evolved to really LOVE doing that hand work!  And I unexpectedly enjoyed doing those hexies at that meeting and the redwork reminded me of all the crewel work I did as a child!

(image from Google)

As a teeneager in the groovey 70’s, I hand embroidered all over my hiphugger jeans!!

(image from Google)

So, I decided to ENABLE myself to do some more hand sewing by making a decorative box to store my threads and needles and projects to be kept beside my recliner in the family room.


Soooo, I had this awesome basket box that we got last Christmas filled with all kinds of gift foods.  It’s been sitting empty on a shelf in the library for months.


I pulled out a pile of “She Who Sews” scraps and played with a bunch of different ideas before finally choosing to make two of my all-time favorite quilt blocks to put on the box top!


I made two identical churn dash blocks then surrounded them with a pale green measuring tape fabric.


I fused 2 layers of fleece on the back side, then hot glued that on top of the box, gluing down the raw edges on the sides, which I covered with some fun jumbo rick rack.


If you used to make those fabric and lace covered photo albums back in the 80’s when that was all the rage, you use the same technique for this!


I measured the inside of the box and cut out cardboard pieces for the sides, bottom and the underside of the top.  Lay each piece of cardboard face down on the fabric and cut the fabric about 1.5” bigger on all sides.  Use hot glue to secure the fabric wrapped to the back side of the cardboard, then hot glue the covered cardboard into the box.


Taaaa daaaa!!  All done!  Now I keep it filled with hand sewing supplies right next to me, so that at night instead of surfing Pinterest, I can do something constructive!!  I don’t think I’ll ever hand quilt a quilt, but definitely some smaller embroidery projects or hexies!!


So, whatcha up to this week???