Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seasons of My Heart

Before I had my knee surgery, I knew that I would not be able to get into my sewing room for a while, so I pieced a little wall quilt with some hand embroidered words, and pinned the sandwich, so I could hand quilt it in the Big Stitch style while recuperating downstairs.

File Aug 20, 7 42 10 PM

It’s a very old pattern from Nancy Halvorsen – Art to Heart.

File Aug 20, 7 44 46 PM

Her version on the pattern is made out of all soft earth tones… mostly homespuns.


Of course, I don’t own a single homespun fabric in my whole stash… not my style.


So, I made mine out of pretty bright batiks!!


I added some fun button embellishments.


I like the way it turned out.

File Aug 20, 7 46 45 PM

It’s already hanging upstairs on the wall in the landing!  What fun!

File Aug 20, 7 46 58 PM

And hand quilting it was waaaaay out of my box, so to speak!!  

File Aug 20, 7 47 15 PM 

You know my motto- if it can done by machine, it will be!!

File Aug 20, 7 47 28 PM

And it gave me something to do with my hands while stuck downstairs in my recliner!!

File Aug 20, 7 44 33 PM

And I can blame any uneven stitches on pain meds, right??? LOL!!


Yogi wants to know what you are sewing on these hot long days of summer!!



Friday, August 14, 2015

Playing Catch-Up!

My new knee is getting better every day… or maybe I should say that I am getting better at using and trusting it every day!!  The bi-weekly physical therapy sessions (aka physical torture) while really painful, really help soooo much!  I get stronger and more stable after every one!  And yesterday, I drove myself to therapy for the first time!  Soooo good to be able to drive again… house arrest has been lifted finally!!  And my stalwart sidekick has been by my side every day!!

File Aug 14, 8 29 13 AM

I am playing catch-up now, after not being able to get up to my sewing room for a month.  I still have not made the Schnibbles group monthly project for July…sigh

File Aug 14, 8 30 27 AM

But I am slowly trying to catch up on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks. 

File Aug 14, 8 30 38 AM

I LOVE the tea kettle block!  Such fun!!  My favorite part is choosing the fabrics for each block!!  If you are making these blocks, what’s your favorite part?

File Aug 14, 8 29 30 AM

I love this Grandma’s Quilt block, too!

File Aug 14, 8 29 49 AM

Do you use these mini- design boards and Alphabitties to keep your cut pieces organized?

File Aug 14, 8 30 03 AM

I think they really help me make the blocks faster…easier to know which piece is which and such!

File Aug 14, 8 30 15 AM

I fussy cut the center piece of the Hooks, Needles, & Brushes block!

File Aug 14, 8 31 32 AM

My sweet Yogi is losing his hearing, along with vision in his right eye.  I can now come into the house carrying rustling bags, turn off the alarm system and he does not even hear any of that… sigh…  :-(


Sunday, July 26, 2015

I am Baaaack!!

Thank you so very much for all the sweet and loving comments you all have written me over the past few weeks!!


Tomorrow will be three weeks since my total knee replacement surgery on my right knee.

The surgery went very well- my team of doctors and nurses in the hospital were top notch in every way!!  They took excellent care of me!

I was only in the hospital for two days.  Being confined to the first floor of my home has been a bit challenging, but I am finally past that, as well!!  The stairs are still daunting.  Going up is much easier than coming down, but I am doing both without assistance, finally!

However, I am still sleeping downstairs in my recliner chair.  I tried sleeping upstairs in my bed, but as a side sleeper, it was not relaxing or comfortable yet.  but I’m sure it will be again someday!!  Hopefully!?

Being that it is my right knee, I’ve not been able to drive myself anywhere!!  My AMAZING bee friends have driven me to my bi-weekly PT sessions and have come by to visit and bring food and keep my spirits up!!  I can never thank them enough for all their kindnesses!!

Image result for thank you dear friends

I would include a photos of my healing incision, but not a pretty sight, so have included only nice images (most from Google) in this post!!


I have finished a wool appliqué’ hand stitchery project while immobilized downstairs and am hand quilting using big stitches a wall hanging!!  I am missing using my sewing machine, so hope to get back to that this week!!


Take care and let me know what wonderful things you all have been doing lately!!